Gloriana 1st viva presentation


Major Project (full) definition: “Gloriana which was one of the names given to Queen Elizabeth I. I am making a Biographical, Concept, musical four-track EP, using my own animations, combined with a myriad of musical genres, as well as, record real musicians and actors/actresses to entertain and educate the audience of a significant part of British history”.


Major Project short definition: “An animated four track musical, based on key events during Elizabeth I’s reign.


Target audience: Any age with an interest in musical interpretations of history


Project aims and objectives

My aim is to create a condensed, but detailed and unique, four track, animated musical.

My Objectives are:

  • Develop a real maturity in my compositional skills that would allow interpreting stories more accurately, by using historical knowledge of the period to aid me, and my new founded musical capabilities, since the start of summer.
  • Gain a stronger network of musicians and voice actors/actresses to have as contacts.
  • Be able to create my own visual elements to aid the audio in delivery of the story.
  • To promote my capabilities as a drummer.
  • Mostly to create a niche for myself I can exploit in the future, within the avenues of telling history within music.


Evidence of research

My evidence will be under:

  • a bibliography of my sources
  • Test recordings to show that I have been building the stage, and performing the props,
  • screen-shooting my composing, film work stages
  • Take photos of recording performers as well as sketches.


Firstly, the research into the four events in detail:

  • The Coronation of Elizabeth I and the new prayer book
  • The Issue of Marriage
  • The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
  • The Spanish Armada

On completion of the research, the project will be propelled in two forms:

  • Audio: The composing process (including lyrics) will be done using Sibeilius, Narrative/Dialogue paragraphs and Lyrics will be written in word. Foley/background sounds will be used when the visuals are completed. Sibeilius files will be exported as midi into a Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W) such as Protools or Cubase, converting with high quality sound banks (via my Korg PA3X or VSTIs)
  • Visuals: The mini stage will be constructed, as well as, developing props. The film work will be done using a DSLR Camera, filming with a combination of on-the-fly and frame by frame (loosely)

Once these part of the process is completed, (2/3s of the artefact is done) the recording of performers will begin, starting with the Voice Actors/actresses and Singers, then record other performers for the other instruments

Mix and master the four tracks, than render both audio and visuals together and the artefact is completed

S.W.O.T Analysis:


Have the software/resources I need

My family and I can work on the animation/film work ourselves

Plenty of existing connections that can help me on the project, also they can lead me to obtain new ones.

I have experience in composing with many different instruments.

Good knowledge of creating leitmotifs via dissertation.

I am a strong researcher with a passion for history.

Plenty of references/examples from different genres/musicals/films to influence my creative angles.


Scaling the workload

Never attempt making own animations before due to lack of facilities at home previously.

Don’t know many actors/actresses currently


Working with a vast multitude of people with different musical and dramatic backgrounds.

Potential new contacts to gain.

Improve old connections.

Develop new experiences in creating own music videos.

Possibly to lead into a future business product/idea.

Can be used as a strong portfolio to help promote my versatility as a composer.


Unreliable/egotistical performers.

Project sizes, when using large ensembles and massive amounts of data to be rendered.

Issues to encounter with the mini stage productions, props and other materials.

Audio and visuals not synchronised as one.

Process management




Anonymous, 2015. The Reformation. [Online]
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[Accessed 17 october 2016]., 2002-2016. The Spanish Armada. [Online]
Available at: he Battle of Gravelines: at which the English Fleet dispersed the Spanish Armada and forced it into the North Sea.
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Scope of Project/Plan:


Visual Inspiration:


Audio inspiration:

  • General inspiration:

-War of the Worlds

-Rick Wakeman’s The six wives of Henry VIII

  • Song inspiration for  each of the four songs:
  1. The Coronation of Elizabeth and introduction of the New Prayer book:

-Claudio Monteverdi’s Toccata from L’Orfeo

-The Battle (cinematic song) from Gladiator by Han Zimmer (0’00 – 1’00)

  1. The issue of Marriage:

-Darte un Beso by Prince Royce

-Photograph by Ed Sheeran

-with an element of Ska/bossanova?

-Easy Lover by Philip Bailey/Phil Colins

  1. Execution of Mary queen of Scots:

-Western wind by Padriag Lalor

-Beauty that killed the Beast V from King Kong by James Newton Howard

–The sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel and Disturbed’s cover too

  1. The Spanish Armada:-

-I am by Theocracy

-Island of my Heart by Dream tale

-MegaMan X ‘Spark Mandrill’ for Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro


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