Music inspiration

Audio inspiration:

  • General inspiration:

-War of the Worlds

-Rick Wakeman’s The six wives of Henry VIII

  • Song inspiration for  each of the four songs:
  1. The Coronation of Elizabeth and introduction of the New Prayer book:

-Claudio Monteverdi’s Toccata from L’Orfeo

-The Battle (cinematic song) from Gladiator by Han Zimmer (0’00 – 1’00)

2. The issue of Marriage:

-Darte un Beso by Prince Royce

-Photograph by Ed Sheeran

-with an element of Ska/bossanova?

-Easy Lover by Philip Bailey/Phil Colins

3. Execution of Mary queen of Scots:

-Western wind by Padriag Lalor

-Beauty that killed the Beast V from King Kong by James Newton Howard

–The sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel and Disturbed’s cover too

4. The Spanish Armada:-

-I am by Theocracy

-Island of my Heart by Dream tale

-MegaMan X ‘Spark Mandrill’ for Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro


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