Progress from last week (17/10/16)

Last week was more of a  connection building week, as work was focused on sorting out the Dissertation.


What I have achieved:

  • Simon Parsons who is a part of a 9 piece soul/funk band, based in Belgium. through my family business, as a potential collaborator, he has submitted to me his support. He is not only a talented musician (what he is to be known soon), but he has many connections to many different sort of musicians and actors/actresses, he knows a Female, French dialect who can voice act Mary, Queen of Scots, and a Spanish male actor, which he can be used to represent Philip II of Spain. All willing to help me for free!
  • Two photographers (Mike Gwillim and Steven Hill) from the photography course, have accepted to work on the film/lighting/ and animation work, for the Major project, (leaves me just to create the stage and props, and say what I want) which they can do as part of their Major Project

What I have learn:

  • Finding potential collaborators, are tricky to find, but once found, you realise they are from where you least expect.
  • It is always important to stay cautious, and have a contingency plan ready.

Plan of the following week:

  • Priorities on the report
  • Complete track 1 or make a start to track 2

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