Progress update 13/11/16

Tasks complete:

  • Through Pete’s suggestions, I have made several improvements to the Ascension Complete, such as, changing certain harmonies, simplifying Vocal and Brass section to allow space to breath.
  • Motifs/audio backdrops been created for the 2nd song ‘To marry or not to marry’.
  • A Start to the 2nd song
  • The final blueprint sketch for the mini stage to be created half way in progress
  • Got a voice actor for the Narrator from my Friday football club
  • Roughed out fully the report

What has been learned?

  • The music made for the 1st song, was easy to convert sound quality to a better sound quality.
  • How the stage will work once created.
  • How easy it is to add variation to the Elizabeth leitmotif for the 2nd song.

Plan for next week.

  • Finish roughing out Song 2 – To marry or not to marry
  • Finish the blueprint sketch, if got time, start building the stage
  • Make a start to the writing the lyrics and the narration
  • Complete as 1st priority, the report, fully reference the lot

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