Updated progress 20/11/2016

What I have done?

  1. Spoken to a few musicians I know through my past such as:
  • Rob Owen – A brass multi-instrumentalist, and a conductor for wind bands and orchestras, knows musicians from the Woodwind and possible string family too.
  • Peter David – A Bagpipe virtuoso, who is a teacher, and well known in the folk scene in Swansea. Worked with him on my World instruments project from last year

2. Completed most of the report

3. Initial stages of Mary Queen of Scots leitmotif developed through Peter’s (bagpipe player) support with regard to composing for his French Bagpipe.

4. Made a start to the lyrics for 2nd track’To marry or not to marry’

What have I learnt?

  • How to write for the particular bagpipe, and understand the challenges, a composer would face, when considering a the unique characteristics of such an iconic instrument.
  • How narration professionally is presented from a score book I bought from the festival of the Sense yesterday in Llandeilo.


Plan for next week

  • Add more to the lyrics, generate enough for when you meet up with Gary some time in the week.
  • Give the track 2 (‘To marry or not to marry’) a break due to being lyrically driven, and make a start to track 3 ( Cousin under the axe) mostly instrumental.
  • Reference more to the report, add more evidence to work.
  • finish the blueprint sketch of stage, and if possible make a start to building it.




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