Progress update 27/11/2016

What has been done:

  1. Made a updated history word document referencing my knowledge of the area of study and theme, which can not just confirm my understanding behind the events used, being able to know the bigger picture, and now interpret such historical events more easily in a condensed, but balanced story creatively. Also to educate and brief collaborators about the history being used, and where their part in the production pipeline is.
  2. Met up with my lyricist Gary Payne, (4:45pm on 26th November 2016) who specialises in history and English (very suitable combination). He has agreed to support my lyric writing and educate me more on the art of writing lyrics on songs.
  3. Got the materials needed to build the mini stage



What have I learnt:

  1. More about what happens specifically during the execution of Mary Queen of Scots and the Spanish armada, and how to utilise what occurred to show from both in animations and the music.
  2. That there is a Shakespearean method of writing lyrics, odd numbered lines rhyme together as pairs, as well as even numbered lines, for example:

(1) – It was that girl that I spoke to the other day

2 – She is kind, bright and attractive

(3) – Seeing her today, made me want to say

4 -“Hello again, are you going to watch Green day live?”

3.  Rhyming works like consonant harmonies in music. But it is a balancing act.


Plan for next week:

  1. Make a start to the narration and the lyrics for ‘Ascension complete’
  2. (If receive the improved lyrics from Gary) work to complete ‘To marry or not to marry’
  3. Make a start to Song 3 (‘Cousin under the axe’)
  4. build the mini stage

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