Progress update 4/12/2016

What has been done:

  1. Now completely roughed out song three (‘Cousin under the axe’)
  2. Created Philip II’s leitmotif
  3. Established all of elizabeth’s variations of her leitmotif
  4.  A rethink to justify Mary having four different musical representations as variations of her character potrayed in ‘To marry or not to marry’ and especially ‘Cousin under the axe’

Progress has not been as much this week, due to having an operation on Wednesday, to remove a malignant tumor, as I have been diagnosed with testicular cancer three weeks ago.

What have I learnt:

  1. Despite what I have endured this week, my drive to continue working on my major project, has only reinforced my drive to perfect it, and has made the project even more personnel to me, as has and still, kept my moral high through the process of battling cancer.
  2. I have learnt that using leitmotifs as musical style and idea really does allow me to compose quicker and more memorable.
  3. Through speaking to A.J, he has given me advice on how to to replicate cannon and pistol fire, and recently purchased the Korg IWavestation, which will be very useful, when I reach that stage in the future for the project.

What is the plan for next week:

  1. Hopefully, my parents will get the time to start constructing the mini stage
  2. Start writing up the lyrics for track 1’Ascension Complete’
  3. Make a start to the narrator’s (William Byrd’s) script.
  4. If at a push, make a start to the fourth and final track ‘Bull versus Lioness’

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