Updated Progress 19/12/2016

What has been done?

  1. Made a start to song 4 ‘Bull versus Lioness’
  2. Gary Payne has refined and completed the lyrical content for verses of song 2 ‘to Marry or not to marry?’ this is great as I can proceed in completely roughing out song 2’s musical content.    garys-to-marry-or-not-to-marry-lyrics
  3. Discussed with Gary Payne, the ideology and intent of the planned structure generally of  Gloriana as a whole, such as what each song needs to convey in bite size lyrical, and ‘narrational’ information to the viewer/listener.

What has been learnt?

  1. Gary pointed out to me, the perspective that the significance of the history being used does relate to the present day, such as the difficulties of politics, the uncertainty of consequences of Brexit and Donald Trump as President of the United states of America, which relate to Elizabeth, from contemporary views during her time, living memories of previous queens of Britain were very unpopular. worth discussing in the 1st Viva.
  2. Gary also gave me an insight to how to create lyrics:

– being that each line can indicate a set of bars, so for example 4 bars musically per line or 3

-Syllables are key to consistency, and making the lyrics rememberable, like drums rhythms Gary used to compare to.

-Rhyming is a balancing act, which if achieved, really conveys a power that propels the music forward in bringing interest to the listener’s ears.

3. Through Peter Williams’ (My Major Project tutor) advice, I can create battle songs by “A driving bass line in ‘8’s combined with percussion would give the effect you want. The use of a pedal bass line (either tonic or dominant) with harmony drawn from the Phrygian mode would have a lot of aggression.” This would certain make my job composing such a big event easier, I believe with time and plenty of effort, I can achieve what I want to convey successfully, with plenty of excitement and fun in the process.

Plan for the week ahead?
  1. Work on roughing out fully song 2 ‘To marry or not to marry’with Gary’s lyrics
  2. Use Gary’s lyrics to improve track 1 ‘Ascension Complete’.
  3. Make a underscore section for the narration at the start of ‘Ascension Complete’ and have go doing a test recording of the narration using my own voice, to not only help Gary with his lyric writings, but also to help myself by knowing the pace and length of the proposed narration scripts for, especially for when I recorded the main narrator on board who is non-musical, and having someone else to have a go, it is a matter of copying the pace and length as the test recording behaves like.
  4. Work on Narration and spoken-word dialogue for song 3 ‘Cousin Under the Axe’.
  5. My parents hopefully to build the mini stage and get some sketches for the props
  6. If all of this is done, work on roughing out song 4 ‘Bull versus Lioness’

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