Status Update 26/12/2016

  • What has been done?:
  1. Completely roughed out track 2 9’To marry or not to marry’ with both lyrics and accompaniment added

Not much has been done due to the fact it is the Christmas holidays, so I have had a much needed break between 23rd December and 25th December (Christmas day).

  • What I have Learnt?:
  1. When working on To marry or not to marry (track 2), I was having a creative block, as I was not use too working towards the lyrics in composing before. However, with some time spent else were, and once I felt today that I fancy resuming my progress where I had to add the harmonies and instrumentation for the song, I was well away.
  2. I should in future projects, plan out potential breaks more, and do something different for a day or two, seems to rejuvenate my creative flow, however, creative blocks occur when I don’t expect it (hopefully not when I need to create something immediately!)
  • Plan for the current week?:
  1. Send Bagpipe parts to Pete Davies, the French Bagpipe player to check if it is playable.
  2. When Gary has completed the chorus lyrics that could be added to ‘To marry or not marry’ if needed
  3. Add improved lyrics/narration from Gary to Ascension Complete (track 1)
  4. Create a introduction section to accompany the narration for Ascension Complete (this could be used as an interesting audio trailer/taster for the first Viva.
  5. Continue working on the final song ‘Bull v Lioness’
  6. Build mini stage

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