Progress update 09/01/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Completely roughed out the final song (Bull versus Lioness)
  2. Spoken to the musicians who have agreed to work on my project, the situation of my journey in becoming Cancer free
  3. Spoken With Simon and Jenn, who have put forward suggestions to improve the four songs, as well as a bit about my future in the course, to ensure I will not get a poor mark due to the fact my time has been affected by my fight with cancer.
  4. A date has been confirmed for the 1st Viva
  • What have I learnt?:
  1. Sometimes, fate takes us a different path to the one that we originally thought through, something that is important to make the most off, and become stronger, better and more knowledgeable.
  2.  How the Eastwest Chior package’s wordbuilder works
  3. What is expected of me for the 1st Viva


  • What is the plan for next week?:
  1. Prepare for the 1st Viva on Thursday
  2. Improve the four songs, changing sounds to specifically more closer to the desired outcome.
  3. add some test narrations, and get Gary to continue working on the lyrics
  4. with the time added the project, may consider more songs, or take a break and working on something else, that could get more experience, and support me on this project with a clear mind (after finishing Chemotherapy!)

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