Progress update 23/01/2017

What has been done?:

Due to the first (heavy) week of Chemotherapy, I had not been able to to work on the project, however, to get back into some normality, I have had a review of the four songs to see what I could do to add more to what has been done.


  • I have the improved lyrics, narration and dialogue to add from Lyricist Gary.
  • The Props and stage still needs to be built up, although progress as been made with regards to storyboards and improved Stage illustration sketches.

What has been learnt?:

On the weekend, it has dawned to me much of the reality and extent of what has happened and what is going to happen. I never experienced such shock, or fear. From the events since May,  last year, such as my Nan breaking her Hip bone (fortunatly well recovered now!), the loss of my Sealyham terrier Gimili, and my lossing my Grandmother and Tadki.

Each event has had an impact on my family and I, but my battle with stage 2 Testicular Cancer (Diagnosis day Friday 11th November 2016), has on personal note, has really life changing.

Doom and Gloom aside, the operation has been successful, I can still function normally which I can be thankful, the pain or loss of what is to come may not occur, or at least happen temporary.

I have learn’t how close your friends really are, and they have been absolutely been great, the band, football, underwater hockey, the Uni has been incredible helpful.

The Staff at the Chemotherapy ward are a great bunch of ladies, full of character and kindness. certainly warm.

Of course, as ever! my family have been incredible and irreplacable.

I am on to be cured from the 8 weeks of Chemo currently, I have been energized to life as if everything is new, from what my mother had pointed to me, as a potential meaning to life life is lead by a 3 things, 1. good Health and well being, 2. being stable and safe (financially and security reasons) 3. spare time (escapism/ ‘downtime’/treating yourself and or with others). This appears to be the case, as reasons to achieve happiness in life.

As a general point, no matter if the Sun blocks out or if Yellowstone starts erupting, the scares of current change in the world, or even the more unfortunately circumstances that have, can or may happen to people that is hard to fathom. It is important to live your life to the fullest, enjoy what you have, and explore!

What is the plan ahead?:

With regards to Gloriana:

  • My parents have said they would think it be beneficial to resume work on the visual aspects after I am cured.
  • I would try and assimilate the improved lyrics, narration and dialogue even during Chemo, but the pressure is off, so I would take it a bit easy, and prehaps look into doing a side project, that would help me improving Gloriana indirectly.

As through this ‘three point, triangle’ theory, I will look to do other things to improve and get me enjoying things I had struggled for time and confidence to part take. Such as the freshers weeks in uni, meeting and making new friends. and being more active online.

Take care and best wishes to all

James Langston



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