Update progress 12/02/2017

What has been done?:

  1. 2nd week of heavy Chemotherapy done, 9 days of Chemo (5 weeks to go until treatment finished)
  2. Started Han Zimmer’s online MasterClass on Friday.
  3. No answer from Gary yet, perhaps another email needs to be sent.


What has been learn’t?:

The Han Zimmer class has been very interesting, he talks a lot of generating music as not only a accompaniment to the visuals, but having the music to stand. Also he shared about the significance of having a strong relationship with the Director, which is important to maintain the initial embers of the whole project. For me, as both the Composer and Director of my own major project, I have full control over my own project, and can make creative decisions more decisively.

What is the Plan for next week?:

  1. Continue of the Masterclass
  2. Email Gary
  3. Relax from Chemo

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