Progress update 05/03/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Last of the heavy weeks of Chemotherapy complete!


What has been learnt?:

  1. The great relief, to know that the journey of fighting testicular cancer is coming closer to the end.
  2. In relation to Gloriana, the understanding of having something like Cancer, really does put your life at hold, for a creative, it will seem a challenge to get back into the fray, but the new founded ambitions will get me back stronger, and time will provide me with new benefits.


What is the plan for next week?:

Now that my Chemo is coming close to an end, I will make sure I get back to Gary on the lyrics for ‘Bull versus Lioness’.

Although I will be on a period of rest still from the Chemo, I will start getting Animations started, and arranging meetings/trial sessions with Musicians/voice actors/actresses.


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