Progress update 12/03/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Had Monday as a light chemo day (day 20)
  2. Had the rest of Hans Zimmers’  Masterclass lessons available to whatch

What has been learn’t?:

From doing 19 out of 31 lessons so far, a lot has been learn’t and is not just been very useful for methodology, understanding, and application  of Gloriana, but would support my whole understanding of Film music and composing.

To list a few:

  • The importance of working and building a bond with the Director – This is very useful, but as I am both Composer  and Director, the difficulties that can occur between them affect me as I am in unique position of being in both roles.
  • Hans Zimmer’s methodology, creating music diaries, where he blurts out ideas freely, first by nailling the tone for the film, and experimenting his motifs/themes and transitions and potential sections before it goes on the main score. – This is completely different to how I gone about Gloriana, as I have worked very linearly in comparison. However, it is a working style, I will definitely consider using in the future!
  • Placing music to picture and Dialogue, knowing how when to not place music, or take parts out to let the story come out more from the dialogue/narration.- This is something I will have to relook and consider for Gloriana.
  • Characters, being in their shoes, really understand them, and use personal experience.- this is all useful information, which makes me feel I am on the right track with the characters used in Gloriana. I have really researched the history, and attitudes of the historical characters, I believe I can use a lot of my personal experience both directly in the case of Elizabeth I’s drive to be respected, strong ruler, like any King, I understand having that drive to prove nay-sayers that I follow my dream, that is create music, and indirectly such as Mary’s feelings during executions and the general sad atmosphere, I have experienced fear and anxiety, as well as trying to be brave as I am battling Cancer, the experience of sadness when hearing the news of my Grand parents passing and during their funerals.

This Masterclass is proving very valuable to the whole project.

What is the Plan for next week:

  • Continue with the lessons
  • Take part in the assignments or challenges provided in the community Hub of the Masterclasses
  • Rest plenty

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