Progress Update 19/03/2017

What has been done?:

  1. I have gone through Hans Zimmer’s Masterclass lessons 18 – 23
  2. Spoken to my Lyricist, to arrange a meeting soon after the 13th of April
  3. Spoken to the lectures at uni to arrange tutorials to support my overall learning and methods to music making and importantly, improve the Gloriana project.

What has been learn’t?:

  1. That it is worth having a second or multiply opinions when evaluating your songs.
  2. When working for a Director, the answers is to be cold Yes or No, when it is No, don’t be dishearten, Try your best to resolve your work. Nothing wrong doing another look (as long as you make time)
  3. Collaboration is important, pick your musicians like as if they are actors/actresses. speak or instruct in English and state why more, as feeling is much more important than using Italian terms to convey what you want.

What is the plan for next week?:

  1. Continue going through and learning from the Online Masterclass.
  2. Practice my music making skills and mixing/mastering skills by creating more songs.
  3. Practicing on my drums to ready myself for recording soon for the drum parts.

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