Progress update 01/05/2017

What has been done?:

  1. I am pleased to announce on Thursday 27th April 2017, I am officially confirmed Cancer free!
  2. Been to watch Steve Hackett (former guitarist of Genesis) as well as The support acts Ryan McMullan and Anne-Marie,  that were supporting Ed Sheeran live.
  3. Worked for former collegue Rhodri Coleman as Sound editor for his Major Project “Common Sense”
  4. Made a very short “Trailer” song for DarkWarehouse Limited


What has been learn’t?:

  1. The amazing responses that can be gained when announcing a powerfully, positive and personnel post, which had loads of people reacting and commenting which is a very uplifting experience.
  2. Such a triumph of beating Cancer is something I should always remember not to knock off, therefore, I should take strength from it and start the new chapter in my life with a positive bang!
  3. The contrast of watching of of watching the Steve Hackett and Ed Sheeran concert may be different, but there are commonalities at present tie in well to the success of both acts. Both are historically revered or will be by their respective, contemporary  generations, as well as both acts being accessible to both the newer and older generations.
  4. As an Observation, Anne-Marie had a supporting band which played nearly all parts of that make up her songs, which is has inspired me to know that accompany parts that sound like only been achievable through a drum machine or using and programming a backing track, but as an example, she did had a drummer who did perform the hip hop beats in her songs, only aspects of the songs that was played on a backing track, were the dynamic ‘sonic’ builds and the Anne-Marie’s backing vocal parts (which were of her singing herself) which allowed her to focus on singing the main vocal line and talk to the crowd.The stage looked only for a suitable enough for 4/3 piece band of the supporting acts and plenty of space for Ed Sheeran to move about, so perhaps with a larger stage, and her own concert, she might have had live musicians/singers to play all aspects of her music.
  5. Both concerts were inspiring, the fusion of genres for both acts own style but is much more so with Ed Sheeran and his support acts is obviously a big feature in today music. The blend of Folk, rock, and hip-hop that Ed Sheeran, along with topics of love and life stories utilises has certainly become ‘Pop’, with Fans literally screaming thinking the guitar tech was Ed Sheeran while setting up the stage. In reference to both my beliefs in music and to the prospects of Gloriana, this is proof of my interests that I can use multiply genres and styles to accurately convey the story of my music, and by using historic elements in my music, not only I can tap in personnel experiences to use but my music would to people on another level to take an educated interest of something that has happened, and is (or can be) relevant to  peoples emotions and experiences today.
  6. Learnt how to removing wind, Cars, and other unwanted ambience while not affecting the important dialogue and wanted ambience by using EQ and Noise removal in Adobe Audition.
  7. From seeing the Rhodri’s audio files, they were not very organised, but I got there in the end, he also has done interesting work for his Major Project that can be valuable for me to include for my own.
  8. Learn’t that Adobe Premiere is not very good at being backwards compatible.
  9. I have learnt when been asked to write something with little time, and being asked at a moments notice, it is a challenge, I started with writing with Sibelius, but the song did take a different turn, so a started again but with a different approach, and now have something more accurately to what is needed.

What is the plan for the week ahead?:

  1. Now I am Cancer free, it is time to meet up with the lecturers on improving the scores of the four songs.
  2. Work on finishing the dialogue and lyrics for Bull versus Lioness with Gary.
  3. And start drawing up plans for to start stages 2 (Animation) and stage 3 (recording) in parallel manner.

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