Progress Update 15/05/2017

What has been done?:

  • Meet up with Gary (my lyricist) to look into fourth song’s (“Bull versus Lioness”) Narrative, Dialogue and Lyrics. he said he will add the improvements next week or so. their is not much to rush about thanks to the general situation of my life as it stands

What has been learn’t?:

  1. Through seeing Gary and his son Bradley Payne which I had not seen them in person for a long time, I learn’t a lot about how valuable they are as working and social friends. The Battle with Cancer has added to the respect and admiration gained from others even before the ordeal.
  2. Gary pointed out to me just from the public facebook post to address publicly my clearance from Cancer, that I have gave people a huge morale boost by inspiring and giving hope to many. From going to a 21st birthday party of three old friends from schools, The sheer warmth that old friends and mutual friends of the old friends gave to me reinforces such joy!

Plan for the coming week?:

Although I will be mostly waiting on Gary, I have not thought up much what to yet, but I might try making another song separate from the project, and/or pursue in developing my online presence and establish a following hopefully!


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