Progress update 18/06/2017

What has been done?:

  • Gary has now complete the modified Lyrics, narration and dialogue for Bull versus Lioness
  • The Lyrics are now assimilated into the score
  • Arrange a meeting with Simon Kilshaw

What has been learn’t?:

  • A reminder of the importance of (‘trying to)’ sing the lyrics if they fit the desired musical phrase I intend to pair with
  • Not every lyric fit the pre-musical melody I had, sometimes it is a weigh up of whether to change the lyrics, or the music to fit the lyrics.

Plan for the following week?:

  • Meet up with Simon Kilshaw (for Monday next week) to discuss the current status of Gloriana, and the blog.
  • In the meantime, update the blog with What I think I need to add in such as

-The Leitmotifs created and about them

-The lyrics, dialogue and narration

-The four tracks at their converted VST ‘demo’ stage

-Initial ideas for the Visuals

-A organised chart of the live Performers I require before I started contacting and arranging.


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