Visual update and proposed ideas

The team so far that is proposed so far for the animations stage is here as a Word Document:


Click here ——–> Visual support form


Ideas so far:

  • If it is possible, as unique visual style to bring Gloriana more unique,  visually we could design to props or make a ‘Stain glass window filter’, as a medieval style, visual backdrop.
  • With the detail in certain scenes, especially the naval battle, visual areas of interest might be worth to play about, with the support of sound files. This would take the form of Cannon fire, and impacts, pistol fire, and blazing fires
  • Perhaps in the later stages we could look to interest parts much like in War of the Worlds, where the narrator dives in a river, in an attempt to escape the Martians, we could do something similar, using the LFO effect to use, although it might be too much as that it will affect the music.



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