Progress update 25/06/2017

What has been done?:

This week, I have been busy updating my Blog  with the following –

  • A article about the Leitmotifs that are created
  • A performers contact’s check list
  • A Document discussing the ideas for the visuals

What has been learn’t?:

  • That I will need to record 27 performers to cover the music of Gloriana
  • Around 6-7 people proposed to be working on the visual side of Gloriana
  • The involvement in Gloriana therefore is predicted to be a team of 38 people, that is including supporting advice and the lyricist (Gary Payne).
  • I will need to use the time given, wisely to achieve fully what I set out to do for Gloriana.

What is the plan for next week?:

  • Meeting Simon on Monday to Discuss Gloriana as a whole in it’s current state, what need improving in the score, and Blog developments.
  • With hope I can make a start doing the visual and Recording stages at the same time so that progress is made in both directions rather then leaving one area at the last moment.

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