Little bit more about the Recording stage

The Plan for the recording stage is to record one soloist at a time, using the other demo VST instruments tracks as backing tracks (effectively like karoake).

Also I have had an email from Peter Williams (Music theory lecturer and Major project tutor), he had examined my Performer contact list, he was saying that it might be difficult to achieve a full team of recording performers for all of the roles in Gloriana, which I might have to settle for certain parts to remain as VST instrument simulations rather then an actual performer. However, at this current stage, I do not know the extent of the support I can muster at my disposal yet.

As of the eventual finished product of Gloriana, I believe the ‘Artefact’ (product) will be given out as a DVD, this would give Gloriana another level of professionalism, and another avenue of learning under my belt. I have Paul Knowles (Studio engineer at UWTSD Swansea) who has offered me support to produce a DVD and he can show how it’s done too.




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