Animation Inspiration

Over the course of the making of Gloriana so far, much support has been provided by many sources, for both Audio and Visuals.

Initially before much support from people of other disciplines in the School of Digital media in University. I recognised that for my own future career and a composer/musician, versatility is vital. The facilities in the university has been able to help me develop to be versatile.

As of which before working on Gloriana, I was aware of a pitfall to my own music, I have no visual elements, I believed by learning the tools and skills that are necessary enough, I can become self sufficient for my future out of University (as well as my last remaining years).

My parents (who were eager to help out -honest!-) and myself were discussing of making ‘D.I.Y’ Animations of our own basing it on the concepts of use of Victorian toy theatres as a visual ‘vehicle’ in selling my own music much to the professional standards as presented currently.

Also with the help of the research phase that was done early after the project commenced, Artwork of the various characters, events and objects of importance was taken into account to inform all aspects of the team in making Gloriana.

Click on the following link ——>   The History used in Gloriana

For Visuals, initially for support, I have Kylie Boon (Film Technician) shown me how to use Adobe Premier and Adobe Aftereffects, she had also provided me with inspiration I can study, which were:




Lately over the Christmas holidays, my dad (Paul Langston) and I have discovered another advert of inspiration to follow. The 2013 John Lewis Christmas advert:



In response to our inspiration, we believe we can do a similar approach to the design of the stage and props, using Photoshop. The animation would follow suit to similar style of stop motion animation, however, it will be treated like a performance of the props, recorded and tweaked using adobe premier, with the support of adobe Aftereffects when replicating special effects like fire, and cannon fire and impacts.



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