Progress Update 02/07/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Spoken to Simon
  2. Added a Stage graphic plan to blog
  3. A Case study of films based on Elizabeth to blog
  4. Inspiration account for the animation stages so far added to the blog
  5. Proposed plan for the recording stage and list drawn up
  6. Arranged a meeting with Pete Williams (Music Theory lecturer, and Major project Tutor)
  7. Got some support in getting on how to use WordPress – Roderick Davies (Website designer)

What has been Learn’t?:

  1. I might have to prioritise with recording the ‘hard to replicate’ performers and remain using VST instruments for certain instruments.
  2. Extent of effort involved in making a big budget film when studying the Elizabeth films.
  3. Learn’t that my Blog so far is very informative and good, but got plenty to update with!

What is the plan for follow week?:

  1. Get Roderick to help me make a calendar selection interface for the Weekly progress updates
  2. Do a list of known contacts and confirmed performers before I see Pete on Friday

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