Progress update 09/07/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Had my major project tutor visited me to examine my scores and discuss the extent that is expected of the performers I need to record.
  2. Improved my blog to make it more user friendly and professional with Roderick Davies (Website designer) support.


What has been learn’t?:

  1. That as a necessity, I would only need as the minimum of both to make Gloriana great enough in terms of quality in marking my major project, but also for professional standards, being to record All vocalist performers, the bagpipes, Guitars, Bass guitar, drums and at least Violinist (to play Violins 1 and 2, and also the Viola part) and the rest can remain as Virtual Instruments sounds (VSTs).
  2. This therefore makes my task much easier knowing what is expect of me at the end of the finished product.
  3.  I also learn’t that it is normal that not only performances on shows are mixed with performers and VSTs, but also when televised, a separate audio mix is tweaked with the audio manipulation ‘correcting’ software like Melodyne, regardless if the act performing create mistakes.
  4. I can still pursue having more instrumentalists to record, but I will prioritise with the hard to replicate performers

What is the plan for next week?:

  1. Check with Gary the Narration and Dialogue for To marry or not to marry (track 2) and Cousin under the Axe (track 3).
  2. Speak with Rob Owen, to discuss about the project.

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