Progress update 17/07/2017

What has been done?:

– Recruited new members to perform for Gloriana:

  1. Terry Thomas on both Electric and Acoustic Guitar
  2. Tristan Daniels on Bass
  3. Steve Bingham on Violins 1 + 2, and Viola

Created a Feedback form to give to all collaborators, to provide evidence of my professionalism.

Got now, all of the instrumentalists I must prioritise with (9 roles)

What has been learn’t?:

  1. If you don’t ask around, you might be surprised what support you can get.
  2. How to inform, inspire and supply potential and existing collaborators.
  3. Being persistent helps ensure what you want done.


What is the plan for the following week?:

  1. Speak with a friend of mine (Lesley Prosser) who is a Concert acclaimed pianist, and performs with Choirs, which might be beneficial for me to gain 4 soloists atleast from a SATB chior – which could also fill other vocal roles.
  2. Pursue finding vocalists to get hold off.
  3. ‘Mobilize’ the animations department – build the stage and props first
  4.   Get hold of the updated narration and dialogues from Gary, and look buy decent microphones to record test narration and dialogues.

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