Progress update: 23/07/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Posted general recommendation posts on Facebook on the following Facebook groups:

Any Success?:

  1. In South Wales Musicians wanted/available group on Facebook, I came across, Krystal Mills, A Singer (sounds like Adele in both singing and Spoken word from her YouTube videos) who works cruise ship shows. Who despite no sight reading experiences, but interested in taking part, based a Cardiff.



2. I had a near immediate response from my post in Creative Collaborations UWTSD Swansea group page. A lady called Shelly Hopkins who is a Photography art student, and a Singer songwriter, She also a Voice imitator from acquiring acting experiences. She is very keen to get involved.

Both ladies are useful for the role of Elizabeth.

3. Terry Thomas (Electric and Acoustic Guitarist for Gloriana) has stepped forward to help me find SATB Choirs, giving me three contacts:

  • Cadno Music Cymru limited – a music retailer shop and team of music teachers, based in Llanelli.
  • Piet Zorn –  A Teacher at Llanelli music school and Choir Confidante (direct association specifically unknown at this moment)
  • Andy Pike –  A Pianist, Organist and Freelance musician. From Terry telling me he is a connected man.

What has been learn’t?:

  1. I am rapidly coming close to a stage where I will have to say to certain called-on performers that the roles I would need them in are filled with another person/group. I will therefore, have to think of a way of telling them nicely and a way that I can still use them for the future!
  2. By looking hard enough, you can find people out there to support your project!
  3. Spoken to Steve Bingham (Violin 1 + 2 and Viola part for Gloriana) he will be sing a acoustic violin, and I will have parts done until early August


What is the plan for the coming week?:

  1. Get the narration and dialogue parts for songs 2 and 3 done with Gary
  2. Buy the microphones needed or use the studios in Uni, to do the temporary spoken word vocal parts
  3. Mobilises the animation section.
  4. Do some research log page of the performers involved of how I will or would have recorded them.

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