Progress Update: 30/07/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Practising  the drum parts for ‘Ascension Complete’, ‘To marry or not to marry?’, and ‘Bull versus lioness’.
  2. Looked into getting  Condenser and Dynamic microphones
  3. Drawn up Blueprints for the Stage on Tuesday 25th July, and made progress assembling part of the skeleton of the stage on Friday 28th July.
  4. Picked up an Aston Origin mic to burrow from Ben Stone to use to do Test narrations and dialogues.
  5. Complete the narration and dialogue for ‘To marry or not to marry?’ and nearly finishing ‘Cousin under the axe’ thanks to Gary Payne (Lyricist for Gloriana)
  6. Meet the Choir ‘The Voices’ through speaking with Piet Zorn who is their Choir leader, they will be filling the role of the SATB choir parts of both ‘Ascension Complete’ and ‘Bull versus Lioness’. Courtesy of Terry Thomas (Acoustic and Electric guitarist for Gloriana) so kindly, using his contacts to help me out!

The Choir is a 16 member strong SATB ‘chamber’ choir, which are mostly female, and uneven numbers for each role (low numbers Bass’ and Tenors compare to Alto’s and Soprano’s). However, this could be advantageous as it might show more of the other lower register instruments more prominently, or alternatively, can multiply Bass and Tenor tracks to balance the parts up. The Choir and Peit Zorn are Powerful, full of fun and very eager to take part. Which is absolutely, really great!!

What has been learn’t?:

  1. How to use the Aston Origins mic.
  2. Learn a bit more about Microphones in general thanks to looking up ones to buy and microphones I used from the university in my previous endeavours.
  3. Gary pointed out to me about the challenges lyricists and spoken word writers (Libretto).
  4. How a large chamber choir warm up, practice, and study new songs.

What is the plan for following week?:

  1. Send Gary information of Elizabeth’s justifiable speech on the aftermath of Mary queen of Scot’s execution.
  2. Send Piet the materials needed such as the backing track, SATB full Score with Chords, and SATB individual parts.
  3. Learn about recording narration and dialogue parts and record testing parts with Ben’s Aston Origin mic.
  4. Meet Sally Hopkins (Going to represent Elizabeth I in Gloriana) soon.
  5. Build and blog/film building the Skeleton of the stage.
  6. Consider having a go at recording the drum parts maybe?

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