Changes to track 3 ‘Cousin Under the Axe’

Through speaking to my Lyricist, Gary Payne, while working on the Narration and Dialogue parts, he originally proposed the idea after Mary. Queen of Scots is Executed, to slow the tempo of the section of the song about Elizabeth’s musical response to the Execution.

The section on Score is rehearsal mark G to H or in terms of Bar numbers 55 to 68.

Along with Elizabeth’s plea for the undecided intentions that Gary will write for,AND the Music as with Elizabeth’s leitmotif 3rd variation being heard. The tempo being slower can make Elizabeth appear less confident, and more sorrowful.

I have now change the tempo from Adagio 66 BPM,  to now Lento 50 BPM.

In doing this, I had to re-record and send the demos and PDF parts for Steve Bingham (Violinist 1 + 2 and Viola for Gloriana).

Once the dialogue is in place and with Shelly Hopkin’s voice (Going to be Elizabeth I for Gloriana) the move might work brilliantly.