Small Changes to History (story) and Dialogue of Gloriana to announce

Through Speaking with Gary Payne, he did his own research prior to speaking with me of the results of his improvements of my initial narration and dialogue for ‘Cousin under the Axe’ (Track 3).

Originally through my sources, I came to find Robert Beale as the organiser of Mary Queen of Scots’ execution. However, Gary told me about another figure of importance, Henry Grey., Sixth Earl of Kent, being key in Mary’s demise.

From the additional research I have done recently, the evidence points that we are both right.  Robert Beale did have a hand in Mary’s demise, he was the one who had taken the death warrant from Elizabeth I without her consent to be acted on. He gave it to two lord commissioners who were in charge of ensuring the execution proceedings. One of those lord commissioners was Henry Grey.

The Sources about the individual views of the two interestingly are a bit different, despite they both follow Elizabeth’s bidding narrowly.

Evidence suggest that Robert Beale did have some affection towards Mary, in what way remains unknown. Whereas Henry Grey has violent animosities towards Mary, mostly due to her devotion to her religion.

From the evidence, I would conclude using Henry Grey over Robert Beale for the former reasons mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs, and the sources of information to support the decision.

As a Result, I must update my history essay relating to Henry Grey, and utilise him as a compelling character, and his relationship towards Mary Queen of Scots.

I will also introduce a new character, Richard Fletcher (or Doctor Fletcher), the Dean of Peterborough, who was the Protestant priest attempting to get Mary to repent and denounce her devotion to Catholicism. He will be classed as a minor character.

Please check the history essay to learn more and the narration and lyric documents that will be later posted.


Progress Update 06/08/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. With Ben Stone’s Aston Origin Mic he so kindly offered to lend to me in the week to use. I have know done nearly all Dialogue and Narration testing materials (with the exception of Elizabeth’s redemption plea for Track 3 ((‘Cousin under the Axe’)) which will be received from Gary Payne (lyricist for Gloriana).
  2. Created Backing tracks and PDF scores and individual parts for the SATB Choir (‘The Voices’), as they are willing to record themselves.
  3. Spoken to Terry Thomas (Acoustic and Electric guitarist for Gloriana), he has now received Backing tracks for both guitar parts. He is also willing to record himself.
  4. Facebook messaged Shelly Hopkins (Elizabeth I for Gloriana) – on Friday 25th August, 2pm in Costa in Swansea
  5. Tristan Daniels (Bassist for Gloriana) and I have agreed on a day (Monday 14th August) to start recording the Bass parts for Gloriana.
  6. Made some progress in learning to record myself on Drums using the Ipad with the Istudio port hardware, and Cubasis as my D.A.W.  Gain controls are yet to be optimised and PDF drum parts printed before recording begins.


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. Only through consistent talking to, do you not only remind collaboratees to make time to help, but importantly from the project director’s point of view, to work within your ‘sub’ deadlines completed early before the main/final deadline. Also to make them feel involved as a truly active project, and to maintain the fun by informing them the bigger picture, be that in progress in other areas, or the prospects of Gloriana.
  2. It is very handy for performers to have their own recording facilities. Despite the obvious benefits I gain,  such as time to work on the other aspects of the project, and is cheaper for the both of use than to travel to Swansea to record. I do lose the opportunity to physically record them myself, and the audio files containing acoustic instruments or voices are recorded in different rooms/spaces, which might be an issue, but might be remedied through post production. Concluding really, that it is great for me despite the cons, but I will research the suitable recording processes for both instrumentalists and vocalists, to show evidence of research in this aspect of the project and to present to future employers or future collaborators.
  3. Recording with Tablets (with the help of audio/midi interface, attachment, hardware) is far more portable option than a laptop. However, the concept to the general public seems to be new. through experiencing problems with the importing features of Cubasis, I have been having a headache getting it to simply work, through months of fiddling about (had the Istudio hardware last summer ((2016)), and Cubasis in October 2016), and Steinberg’s contact numbers on their support page in their website is invalid, and there appear to be little forums about Cubasis let alone none about my issue. However through a recent(ish) update for the importer feature from 2 weeks ago, the google drive import feature was working! (thank christ!!), then did not load the downloaded WAV in to the media storage space, until suddenly Itunes wanted me to log in, and finally worked!
  4. Laptops are more reliable, with access to bigger audio/midi interfaces (if you can afford it), but the portability is still great with the tablet, with it’s own unique apps to use.
  5. I have about 9 roles/parts of my project that will be recorded by the performers themselves and sent via email to me.
  6. The Aston Origin microphone was very clear, in comparison to the dynamic mircophone, Shure’s SM58 (having done test recordings initially for the first Viva) which the SM58 show off more of the bass in my voice. The Aston mic was clear as it seems to be more balanced in terms of the frequencies it records.



  • What is the plan for the following week?:
  1. Book the studio for Monday 14th August
  2. Learn about how to record the instrumentalists and vocalists I have already on board (whether I record them personally or not)
  3. Get Gary to write out Elizabeth’s redemption plea
  4. Develop the stage’s skeleton structure fully.
  5. Look for people to play the 7 remaining prioritised (Robert Beale/Henry Grey, Dean of Peterborough, and the minor characters = Audience members 1 & 2, Guard, Executioner and weeping Maids) for Gloriana.


It will be difficult to ensure the goals I set for the coming week, as I will be away, taking part in this year’s It’s my shout drama from Wednesday 9th August to Friday 11th August.