Small Changes to History (story) and Dialogue of Gloriana to announce

Through Speaking with Gary Payne, he did his own research prior to speaking with me of the results of his improvements of my initial narration and dialogue for ‘Cousin under the Axe’ (Track 3).

Originally through my sources, I came to find Robert Beale as the organiser of Mary Queen of Scots’ execution. However, Gary told me about another figure of importance, Henry Grey., Sixth Earl of Kent, being key in Mary’s demise.

From the additional research I have done recently, the evidence points that we are both right.  Robert Beale did have a hand in Mary’s demise, he was the one who had taken the death warrant from Elizabeth I without her consent to be acted on. He gave it to two lord commissioners who were in charge of ensuring the execution proceedings. One of those lord commissioners was Henry Grey.

The Sources about the individual views of the two interestingly are a bit different, despite they both follow Elizabeth’s bidding narrowly.

Evidence suggest that Robert Beale did have some affection towards Mary, in what way remains unknown. Whereas Henry Grey has violent animosities towards Mary, mostly due to her devotion to her religion.

From the evidence, I would conclude using Henry Grey over Robert Beale for the former reasons mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs, and the sources of information to support the decision.

As a Result, I must update my history essay relating to Henry Grey, and utilise him as a compelling character, and his relationship towards Mary Queen of Scots.

I will also introduce a new character, Richard Fletcher (or Doctor Fletcher), the Dean of Peterborough, who was the Protestant priest attempting to get Mary to repent and denounce her devotion to Catholicism. He will be classed as a minor character.

Please check the history essay to learn more and the narration and lyric documents that will be later posted.


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