Progress Update 13/08/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Taken part in the ‘It’s my Shout’ drama work experience from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th.
  2. Now acquired two Condenser Microphones (Rode NT2-A and a Aston Spirit), which I can now independently not only be able to create demo Dialogue/Narration, but I can now have an alternative recording method to record acoustic instruments and Vocals at home, if the studios are busy. Also done some practice test to get use to using them.
  3. Sent essential performer materials (lyrics and/or backing tracks) to Shelly Hopkins (as Elizabeth I)
  4. Prepared the Electronic drum kit and materials I would need to record myself on drums.
  5. Speaking to Simon Parsons for contacts (Key contact provider for Philip II and Mary. Queen of Scots. who can provide international support)


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. Encounter technical issues with Protools 12 on my Laptop when recording the drum kit – Playback is distorting.
  2. Learnt a lot about cameras in the It’s my shout Drama, spoken to Camera Mentor, Andy Toovery, about the more professional cameras for filming, the better the data capacity and bigger the zoom focus.
  3. How similar the two microphones that I’ve bought are at first few tryouts.


  • Plan for following week:
  1. Contact Avid to resolve the technical issue in Protools to proceed with Recording Drums.
  2. Work on finishing of the skeleton of the Stage.
  3. Book the studio for Monday the week after the following week, to record Tristan Daniels (Bassist for Gloriana)
  4. Speak to Gary Payne (Main Lyricist) about Elizabeth’s Redemption Plea
  5. Arrange a day to record Andy Nicholas (as William Byrd)

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