James Langston:

I am a third year student at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea. embarking on making an animated, musical production. This ‘Major Project’ as an idea as a product, is going to be like a trial business idea to test.

Amidst the start of the project, 2016 had been a harsh year, prior to starting Gloriana, had my Nan breaking her Hip in mid March, had my dog passed away in the late in March. In August and September, I had lost my Grandparents. Also to top off the already horrific year my family and I had, I myself had been diagnosed with Cancer.

Since from Thursday 27th April 2017, I had the all clear and now since been rebuilding my life. Emboldened with a reinforced thirst in life, I now in any and every which way, want to make the most of what I have at my disposal, and take every opportunity to create a sustainable and enjoyable music career!

In going forward with this new chapter of my life, I sought to put the utmost effort I can possibly put in ensuring the Gloriana Major project is the best it can be, and the foot in the door to producing music at professional level.

Combining my love in Music and history, I believe using history as a thematic, and story aspect to this project, as well as a basis for future projects, would provide plenty of interest for not only performers to have reason to desire working on my projects, but also to gain avid customers.

The developing of the visual aspects of the project will also provide myself, with a way of making visuals for my own music, that is easy to make, and effective as a vehicle, for my music to shine out.

Gloriana’s purpose is not only to entertain but to educate it’s audience. As a ‘guinea pig’ project, future projects I will refer to many lessons learn’t from the making of Gloriana, be that the effort involved of organising the project, research, and contacts. the future projects in mind similar to Gloriana will explore more radical genres, as well as different points and locations in history, will provide me perhaps a lifetime of musical works to produce and enjoy.