Progress update 14/01/2018

What has been done?:

  1. The decorations to the stage have been completed.
  2. Piet has spoken to me that the choir and himself wont be able to be recorded this week.
  3. Through issues with sending files to Sara through WeTransfer, I realised that I had been typing her email wrong.
  4. Waiting to hear from Geoff Mock to be aware I can’t send him the materials as his email inbox is full.


What has been learn’t?:

  1. Sometimes you can get so in grossed in what you a doing, you need to take a step back to think what is going wrong at the moment.


What is the plan for following week?:

  1. Make the trailer
  2. Record the last voice acting only parts
  3. prepare a new Gantt chart.



Progress update: 07/01/2018

  • What has been done?:
  1. More and more off the colourful features of the stage have been created
  2. Jam Session with Geoff Mock (new guitarist to be performing in Gloriana) successful to establish where he stands in understanding what he needs to do.
  3. Unfortunately I had lost Shelly Hopkins as Elizabeth I, she is no longer able to do the part due to bad health and mounting pressure of her own assignments in university. However, she has kindly gave me a new contact who is just as keen as Shelly is, a fellow mature student called Sara Llewllyn.


  • What have I learn’t?:
  1. Sara is very eager, and has a very interesting resume as a ex professional vocalist and voice actress. having a operatic and theatre background as well as numerous freelancer jobs she had taken on, she had been working nationally and internationally with her career.
  2. Geoff is a very versatile guitarist compared to previous guitarists I’ve met, he specialises in Jazz and appears to excel at playing flamenco style guitar. He is dead keen to. He will be a good asset to use in future projects and a fun Jamming partner to play with.
  3. Geoff is a dark horse, although having him as my Judo teacher back when I was 6, I would certainly know very little about him, as I would have been too young to be aware, but it is certainly a pleasant surprise!
  • Plan for the following week?:
  1. Help my Dad build up characters to get closer to start filming the trailer.
  2. prepare for and do a another recording session to finish off recording the choir for Ascension Complete.
  3. Keep remaining performers posted on progress to book a time to record them.

Progress Update 31/12/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. The decorative parts of the stage, is now complete, assembling is now needed, and the stage is finalized. Character development is now starting.
  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. My parents believe that the preparation stage of developing the characters, objects and backgrounds is relatively quick, hopefully this is the case, and I will be in a comfortable position, if unexpected demands/events crop up.
  • What is the plan for the following week?:
  1. Build up characters to create the trailer very soon.
  2. prepare, remind, and schedule  the remaining performers.

Progress Update 24/12/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Got a new Electric and acoustic guitarist on board. Geoff Mock. my ex Judo teacher when I was younger, he is a nice guy and certainly one I have not seen in many years, he is really keen to help, and he was not reluctant to take part.
  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. Amazing how life likes to reunite old friends again, it is nice as I have missed him and he is a good contact from learning about his primary job as a professional photographer.
  • What is the plan for the following week?:
  1. Work on the visuals with my parents.
  2. Prepare Geoff and the other collaboratees for recording and also further progress being made

Progress update 17/12/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. little has been done, as the recording stage has to continue after Christmas holidays, and waiting on my parents to do their role.
  2. I have been experiencing technical issues with my Computer
  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. My main computer has very low data free, and Sibelius is crashing. Also my laptop’s RAM is proving inadequate to run Protools. A few Upgrades would be needed.
  2. Christmas holiday period is clearly a difficult period for Collaboratees to commit to be available for Gloriana as they want to use the holiday as a break. So I must do what I can to continue the momentum. which will be prioritised with the visual development stage.
  • what is the plan for following week?:
  1. Finalize stage, and develop trailer.
  2. Start creating the visuals for each of the four songs.
  3. Use people near to play as secondary characters (three roles)

Progress Update 10/12/2017


  • What has been done?:
  1. Received recording of Philip II parts recorded on my behalf and sent to me from Carlos Rodriguez.
  2. Successful recording session recording Camille Relet on Monday for her role as Mary Queen of Scots.
  3. Did a new attempt in cleaning Tristan Daniel’s Bass part for Bull versus Lioness, turned out to be successful. He has been notified.
  4. 10/20 prioritised parts/roles have now filled officially. half way through!


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. The Extraordinary kindness and professionalism of Carlos Rodriguez. Learning the about some of his jobs, and the equipment he used to record himself with. I have learn’t to that no matter how far the collaboratee lives, or what language he/she speaks fluently with. Music joins people together like a magical glue!
  2. Camille Relet, gave me a interesting insight into her life experiences living in France, it is so pleasing to hear that it was one of her childhood dreams to be a Voice-Actress and importantly to provide her with that opportunity. Camille Also said it was one of the most enjoyable collaboration she had ever been part of in her time in University.
  3. I also learn’t that it is good to work with what you have got, only when something is truly un-salvageable and most options are not working that a retake is needed.
  • Plan for following week?:
  1. Book another recording session with the choir.
  2. Update all collaboratees the progress so far!
  3. Pursue sorting out the visual aspect of the project.

Progress Update: 03/12/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Carlos Rhodriguez has now sent me his recordings of both the singing and Spoken word parts.
  2. After numerous unanswered messages and unsuccessful phone call attempts, Dewi Jones has been relieved the part of Acoustic and Electric Guitarist for Gloriana, as he is. He later phoned me 20 minutes after the ultimatum I gave him, apologising and informing me he is unable to help.
  3. Camille Relet has spoken to me to arrange a recording session.
  • What has been Learn’t?:
  1. Sometimes no matter how friendly the person you know is, if he/she is not delivering, or not being cooperative atleast, it is best to move on with the time that is left and find someone else.
  2. I do have other alternatives to replace Dewi Jones. I have Ian Simmins (who has had a message sent to him and awaiting his reply). and If known contacts are not available, I will find another through Facebook groups.
  3. The Recording Process really teaches you about working with different sort of people, getting to know how honourable they are with being true to their word.
  • What is the Plan for the following week?:
  1. Record Camille on Monday (tomorrow)
  2. Chase Shelly Hopkins and Tristan Daniels up with a message.
  3. schedule another recording session with the choir
  4. Get the trailer closer to being done.