Bull versus Lioness Storyboard Renditions

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Update Progress 12/11/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Complete Storyboard for Bull versus Lioness, waiting to hear from Simon Kilshaw or Jenn Kirby if it is worth referencing every image I had used.
  2. Redo the takes of Henry Grey, and of the Executioner, to remove the ‘Pops’ which I had in the original takes as I did not had a Pop filter at the time.
  3. The Structure of the stage is very close to finishing, The colouring features are in development and along with trailer props too.
  4. I have made three posts in the same three different Facebook groups I had found before to see If I can get a Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Cello and a Double Bass. currently no luck yet.
  5. A Date has been scheduled to record the choir with Piet Zorn. (Next week Sunday)
  6. Heard from Tristan Daniels, he seems still keen to fulfil his promise to redo Bull Versus Lioness’ Bass part, but he had been unable to answer back as he has been so busy.


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. Having done new takes for my own Voice acting/over parts is worth doing as with the benefit of time and familiarity with my own words, and what I envisage can be made reality.
  2. Persistence is certainly key I gathering support and ensuring the promises are fulfilled. The Case with Tristan Daniels, a interesting statistic I had learnt from Leah Mchenry’s Online Musicians Academy, due to how busy peoples lives are, It takes an average of 5 – 6 attempts of advertisement or sending regular emails/messages to a person if consently interested to react.


  • What is the plan for next week?:
  1. Update the RAM on both Laptop and Home computer. Laptop is priority and to prepare to record the Choir on Sunday 19th November.
  2. Continue working towards the photoshop-renditions  of the storyboards, start with the next bigger song, Cousin Under the Axe.
  3. Keep working towards the trailers to be done very soon., if possible.
  4. Speak with ex Trumpet teacher, Rob Owen and the Secondary school Woodwind teacher to get the other 12 roles to be filled up.

Progress update 05/11/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Finished storyboard 3 for Bull versus Lioness
  2. Finished Shelly Hopkins’ Song for her project. She will be focusing on practice for her role of Elizabeth in Gloriana, which I will record her and Camille soon.
  3. Recorded Fire works from Llandeilo Fireworks night during Friday night Football, need processing (EQing, and Noise removal work to be done), then it would be great to use as Cannon fire sounds.
  4. Stage’s foundation is in the process of Finalizing



  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. The work I can do, the free I am to take on opportunities to gain extra along the way.


  • Plan for following week?:
  1. Sort out the last storyboard for Bull versus Lioness
  2. Organise the Performers to schedule recording sessions.
  3. Continue working towards getting the trailer sorted.
  4. Look for more performers to fill in the other roles.

Progress Update: 29/10/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Completed photoshop-rendering Storyboard 2 for ‘Bull versus Lioness’, half way!
  2. Meet Carlos Rodriguez via Messenger’s video call, he is very keen to support, and he is free over the next 17-21 days to work on my project.
  3. Shelly says the music for her project is nearly in place, however, the latest idea she has sent me and the materials she request me to use appears to be a taking a radical turn.
  4. Supported Andy Nicholas (narrator for Gloriana) with his own musical endeavour


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. Even though I am temporarily committed to work on Shelly’s project, and with the other things that a required doing, It appears when with time to focus on the storyboards, I can do at least 3 slides per day on average recently, which is great as I am becoming more efficient.
  2. Carlos Rodriguez is a fellow composer, conductor a lecturer in a University in Spain, he is certainly an interesting addition to the Collaboration team of performers , given his authenticity for the role of Philip II of Spain and his own musical endeavours. His involvement will not only boost the authenticity of the overall project, and add to the Project’s already international scale (in terms of performer’s involved), He seems like a good contact for future endeavours.
  3. It is satisfying that I am able to have the time to support others, especially collaboratees for their own individual work. This provides a stronger work relationship, and friendship which proves valuable for when they are working on my own project.


  • What is the Plan for the following week?:
  1. The Stage has been develop a small amount, but it is not complete due to things cropped up for my parents. This needs to be done very soon. although pressure is off slightly as the trailer will be show when I officially start back, but this needs to be crack on.
  2. Continue working on the story boards
  3. Speak with performers about recordings, and continue motivating progress in this aspect of the project too.

Progress Update: 22/10/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Completed photoshop rendering the 1 out of 4 of the storyboards for ‘Bull versus Lioness’ (track 4)
  2. Created Shelly’s requested multiple Soundtrack drafts for her Project.
  3. The Stage needs for details added to the the body, needing masking panels to hid hands, and frame joined more studier. The adding of the stage’s colourful features and a few prop developments, will pave way to make the trailer, and ultimately start film/performing the visuals.


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. Bull versus Lioness so far has the complicated slides to render. As most of the slides so far are unique, finding template like images are hard to come by, but this is not a concern.
  2. It is necessity to help Shelly with her project, the opportunity provides a stronger work relationship, Reinforce the new established friendship, and promotes both my skill and reliability. Shelly would therefore be more keener to support and work with me for my own projects. All by committing time to help especially a collaboratee.
  3. As far as the visuals are concerned generally, the more time consuming part of that stage, might be the developement of the props and back/foregrounds themselves. Due to the sheer amount to be made and drawn in detail. However, with a team of three (my parents and myself) it might be manageable, and the performing of these props might be quicker than expected. hopefully the goal would be to draft the visuals for all four songs before I return to Uni officially.


  • What is the plan for the following week?:


  1. Create the trailer
  2. Continue Photoshop rendering Bull versus Lioness storyboards
  3. Videocall/skype Carlos Rhodriguez sometime in the week when he is ready.
  4. Sort out any further request for Shelly
  5. Negotiate a recording session with Shelly and Camille