Progress update: 24/09/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Had a great day on Thursday recording Andy Nicholas, a true dark horse! Finished recording ‘Ascension Complete’ and nearly completed ‘Bull versus Lioness’
  2. Complete ‘Ascension Complete’ storyboard, and started ‘To marry or not to marry?’
  3. The Idea of working on a film trailer had been thought up, to finally showcase how Gloriana will look. However, the visual department has been very slow as my Parents have been very busy at work. Time for the intended day, is shortly approaching.


  • What has been Learn’t?:
  1. Anyone can be used to Narrate, but good narration recordings come from preparation and familiarity with the given material.
  2. Andy Nicholas with his west country accent naturally meeting him from football, spoken with such clarity, it knocks off my test narrations completely! he is a genuinely nice man, and after Thursday, a Man who is bright and definitely working on the same page as me. Great talent truly can be found from unlikely places!


  • What is the plan for the following week?:
  1. Meet Shelly Hopkins (as Elizabeth) tomorrow to introduce more about the project and negotiate a recording date and maybe arrange a meeting with Camille Relet (as Mary,Queen of Scots).
  2. Finish the stage, do up some props to do demo for the visuals (hopefully)
  3. Continue working on storyboard for ‘To marry of not to marry?’
  4. Record a drum video, to add to the trailer.



Progress update: 17/09/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Acquired recorded Violin 1, 2 and Viola takes (for Cousin under the Axe, and Bull versus Lioness) from Steve Bingham, incorporated to songs, and comments kindly provided!
  2. Tristan Daniels has sent out his recordings of his Bass playing for To marry or not to marry, and Bull versus Lioness, however, the latter song’s take, was suffering from unintentional Distorting feedback, which affected the audio quality, Tristan said he will rerecord the part again with a new cable.
  3. Made a start to developing the Story boards
  4.  Unfortunately,  Terry Thomas has opted out of performing Electric and Acoustic Guitar due to Circumstances beyond his control,  he will still be credited for his support with meeting Piet Zorn and the Voices.
  5. Terry has been replaced with Dewi Jones, a fellow football and old school friend.


What has been Learn’t?:

  1. The difficulty of when you have more than one people wanting to take part in a certain role, understanding how to appease and maintain collaborative interest with connections.
  2. The Importance of having contingency options, easier with the more common roles, but for the exotic, radical ideas have to be considered (so far it has not came to this)
  3.  Learned about new fie type and file sharing methods from the performers I had recordings from this week.

-M4a.file:- Which is a newer version of the MP3, which contains stereo audio.

-WeTransfere:- A free (but can get premium for larger data sharing for a price) sharing website platform that can share files of 2GBs to recipients regardless the type of email they use (better to use than Google drive)

4. Dawned on me, from attending the local Medieval festival, the majority of people who are interested in history was thanks to a external influence, be that a creative media influence (Game or film etc). History directly could be seen by some people as being bland by reading about it in depth. Sparking interest in history therefore requires it seems a media outlet. Especially as people are ever interesting in the retelling of history, be that new  evidence being found that question what was previously thought, or the medias that take advantage of history.

Games such as Assassins Creed, and For Honor,  or for period films like Dunkirk, or Titanic are just very few out of the vast number of examples that take on History as a theme, loosely based of accurate (well evidenced) historical events, objects, creatures  or people.

Fictional elements are prioritised as such due to the interest of the “what ifs” being juxtaposed on something happening which is more evidently real as non-fiction.

Horrible histories, creates interest in history as a topic, across many periods and civilisations. With as a Children BBCs programme in the between late 00s to early 10s, away from the books. played on using music with modern genre flavours, for educational and entertaining reasons.

Gloriana as a multi-media business idea can follow a similar path to horrible histories based on the books and the programme’s success, but the idea may not necessarily approach in selecting comical aesthetic. The target hopefully will appeal to a broader audience, and more fluid, in terms of musical genres and historic themes.


What is the plan for following week?:

  1. Continue working on the story boards.
  2. Complete more of the stage.
  3. Research recording of choirs, violins and violas.
  4. Record Andy Nicholas on thursday(s).
  5. Record the choir on Sunday.
  6. Prime camera hopefully to self record myself on drums for Gloriana trailer.

Progess update 10/09/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Messaging exchanges with performers so far, Expecting Bass parts from Tristan Daniels and Violin 1 and 2 and Viola parts from Steve Bingham, very soon.
  2. Setting up meetings with Carlos Rodriguez (As Philip II) which he said he will be available to video call/skype after 18th October, and to meet Shelly Hopkins (as Elizabeth I) and Camille Relet (as Mary. Queen of Scots) someday/time the week after the following week hopefully)
  3. Mostly the week has been spent doing work experience in the ‘Harri-Parri’s’ Radio Show, Season 3 in Cardiff for BBC Radio Wales.


What has been learn’t?:

  1. The Work experiance has been very interesting:

-Shown how professional  Actors/actress work.

-The role of Sound (the Sound/PA engineer and  the Composer) plays a fundemental in musical radio shows. As their are no visual aids.

-I have gained support from Christopher Buxton (Head Film Lecturer at UWTSD Swansea) to help with the visuals if I need it, I can gain advice from the Sound engineer Terry, and the Composer Dan Lawrence to help with along the process!

2. That there are opportunities to get work in the music industry (in all avenues requiring both sound or Music), just you as the wanna-be employee, will have to prove yourself before you get a job.


What is the plan for the following week?:

  1. See if I can record Andy Nicholas on Thursday evening
  2. Create Story boards for the visuals
  3. work on the stage.
  4. Improve computer and laptop to sort out efficiancy and record portability capabilities.


Progress Update 03/09/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Drum tracks are now completely recorded, tweaked and assimilated.
  2. Got now a French Female Photography student (Camille Relet) to take on the part of Mary. Queen of Scots
  3. Got a lead for a Spanish Male thanks to Ian Simmons (Music Business lecturer) waiting for a reply.
  4. Got the last remaining dialogue parts from Lyricist Gary Payne, and now demo recordings have been created.
  5. Andy Nicholas, wants to get recorded on a Thursday afternoon, so booking with be agreed on shortly soon.


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. It is surprisingly wonderful, how supportive and responsive, the Collaboration University Facebook group page!
  2. Camille Relet (going to be Mary Queen of Scots in Gloriana) are good friends of Shelly Hopkins (As Elizabeth I) as they are both Photography students and in same year, this would make the recording fun for both, and for me, it would help build confidence of in both women to deliver.
  3. Having a good listen to all four songs again with the Narration and Dialogue, I found that my demo recordings of Henry Grey, Earl of Kent’s part and Doctor Richard Fletcher, Dean of Peterborough, felt rather good, as I did a not bad job of giving the characters their own character, and provided in my opinion in this given time, a good English accent.


  • What is the plan for following week?:
  1. Monday, Terry (Acoustic and Electric guitarist for Gloriana) has asked me to see him tomorrow, waiting to get further details.

The following week might be hard pressed for progress, as I am committed for the week, to attend working on a BBC Radio Wales, Comedy show. This will provide good connections and new experiences!

If I do have time, I continue, searching new performers, and work on drawing up story boards!

Progress update 27/08/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Recorded my 1st drafts of of the Drum part for To marry or not to marry (track 2) and Floor tom part for Ascension Complete (track 1). Not fully tweaked and recorded, as there were technical obstacles that has been affected my progress (Some sort of permanent time stretched effect the whole intended session) however, using an alternative session and making that session up to date with the intended session of when working on To Marry or not to marry.
  2. Had confirmation of Andy Nicholas (William Byrd) that he is very keen to narrate for me.
  3. Shelly Hopkins (Elizabeth) has come back to me to tell me she is feeling better, currently negotiating a date and time.

Outside the project, having since left my 1st band, I had an unexpectedly received a message from the drummer who performs for a friend of mine who is an Irish Folk Singer/songwriter. Asking me to ‘Dep’ for band he also plays for.

Having since played two gigs with the Band ‘Oldscool’, I have gained to new contacts, which could be potential project collaborators themselves,  or know of people to help in the future.


What has been learn’t?:

  1. Always make contingency projects If there is an issue occurring with the intended project.
  2. People forget, so it is important to confirm with them over the time period to remind them they are part of the project and you need them.
  3. Having time is great, but utilising the time is important, to ensure Gloriana is the best it can be.
  4. The incredible kindness one can come across from other bands when being a ‘dep’ drummer for a band, especially at very short notice.  Certainly worlds apart in comparison to my 1st band as a drummer exclusive only to them,  but when it comes to styles, accessibly of music and stage and off stage behaviours are definitely superior.


Plan for following week?:

  1. Finish sorting out the drum tracks
  2. Create storyboards for the 4 songs
  3. Build the stage.
  4. Speak with Shelly Hopkins.

Progress Update: 20/08/2017

What has been done?:

  1. Sorted out a midi track recording of my drum performance of Bull versus Lioness, Which I have improved on my main computer rather on the laptop.

Set backs have struck!

  1. The University Studios are not available with no lecturers present. Which postponed Bass guitar recording session with Tristan Daniels. However, Tristan has offered to record himself and send other the parts after this weekend.
  2. Shelly Hopkins (as Elizabeth I) has tonsillitis, so our initial meeting has been postponed too. No confirm date due to waiting for her when she has recovered.
  3. The Stage has not had any work done this week, as my parents had things cropped up that needed sorting for their own work.

What has been learn’t?:

  1. Performing on Electric Drums is the best of both worlds of having complete control like VSTi drums, and the natural sounds achieved from acoustic drums from my own experiance. Fun and certainly have the benefit to monitor and working on your own personal drumming development.
  2. I am fortunate that I have other options to record performers, as my own home studio is becoming more and more capable.
  3. I am also fortunate that many performers I have onboard, have their own means of recording themselves.
  4. It is to be expected that external unforeseen events to take place over the course of the Gloriana project.


Plan for the following week?:

  1. Convert Midi standard drums sounds to the Roland TD-30 KV’s Metal core sound for Bull versus Lioness.
  2. Arrange to record Andy Nicholas (As William Byrd).
  3. While waiting the opportunity to complete construction of the stage, start writing up Storyboards.
  4. Contact Gary to finish the last bits of dialogue and narration.
  5. Check on the progress of other collaborators, to maintain the drive to get the performers versions of the roles assimilated.

Progress Update 13/08/2017

  • What has been done?:
  1. Taken part in the ‘It’s my Shout’ drama work experience from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th.
  2. Now acquired two Condenser Microphones (Rode NT2-A and a Aston Spirit), which I can now independently not only be able to create demo Dialogue/Narration, but I can now have an alternative recording method to record acoustic instruments and Vocals at home, if the studios are busy. Also done some practice test to get use to using them.
  3. Sent essential performer materials (lyrics and/or backing tracks) to Shelly Hopkins (as Elizabeth I)
  4. Prepared the Electronic drum kit and materials I would need to record myself on drums.
  5. Speaking to Simon Parsons for contacts (Key contact provider for Philip II and Mary. Queen of Scots. who can provide international support)


  • What has been learn’t?:
  1. Encounter technical issues with Protools 12 on my Laptop when recording the drum kit – Playback is distorting.
  2. Learnt a lot about cameras in the It’s my shout Drama, spoken to Camera Mentor, Andy Toovery, about the more professional cameras for filming, the better the data capacity and bigger the zoom focus.
  3. How similar the two microphones that I’ve bought are at first few tryouts.


  • Plan for following week:
  1. Contact Avid to resolve the technical issue in Protools to proceed with Recording Drums.
  2. Work on finishing of the skeleton of the Stage.
  3. Book the studio for Monday the week after the following week, to record Tristan Daniels (Bassist for Gloriana)
  4. Speak to Gary Payne (Main Lyricist) about Elizabeth’s Redemption Plea
  5. Arrange a day to record Andy Nicholas (as William Byrd)