Stage Development update – coloured features added.

The Stage at it’s current state (28/01/2018)


Figure 1: Archway been added to hide hands and to add a solid structure to eventually be Columns.

Figure 2. Wooden planked floor finish on the stage floor, beautifully made by Paul Langston (father) and assembled by with close friend and employee Mark.
Figure 3. Stagefloor in position
Figure 4. My Dad cutting and adding the decoration to the sides of the stage floor base. the Art work he made and researched and drawn portraits with Henry Vii and nobles.

Figure 5. Myself getting stuck in! sorting out the side decorations in the stage.
Figure 6. A closer look of the artwork, and my hands working!

Figure 7. Side decorations close up view.
Figure 8. front view of the work so far.
Figure 9. Side view to see more of the added features
Figure 10. front stage, with the sneak peak title screen in the back to use in the trailer.
Figure 11. fixed Curtains made and soon to be attached! 
Other visual developments:

  1. 1st draft of William Byrd been drawn up.
  2. Stage janitor currently in development.

A start to the animation stage!

Through much pestering, and reminding, My father and I have made a start to the animation stage. Scaled blueprints have been written up as you can see below:

Drawn up blue prints of the stage’s skeleton. all measurements were written in millimetres.

From today, we have made a start at constructing the stage.

here is a picture of the work so far!:

The Platform is marked up and the frames/beams are connecting and gluing together! The pen or the pen on the left gives some sense of length!
As you can see, the stage is not going to be very large, finding a careful balance in the size of the stage and the props will be the challenge to tackle here. Too big means too heavy to carry and harder or longer to repair. too small and the it will be difficult to navigate props around.